Welcome to the Aquatic Adventures Scuba Website, Located in Asheville, North Carolina. Scuba Training, Scuba Air Tank Cleaning


Aquatic Adventures Scuba provides a high quality of Scuba Diver and Technical Diver training in Asheville, North Carolina.  We offer Certification classes for the beginner "open water" through the Advanced diver, to becoming a dive Instructor.  Specialty classes for night, wreck, deep, search & recovery and Nitrox are among the many Certifications available.  Technical diving classes are offered for the Advanced diver as well as the Adventures diver.

Aquatic Adventures Scuba provides scuba air tanks and O2 tank cleaning, we also perform annual visual inspections for your safety.

Aquatic Adventures Scuba offers OSHA approved work place CPR/AED training, Primary Care, Secondary Care - First Aid with AED and O2 provider courses they are available for the scuba diver and non-diver.

So feel free to call us anytime.  We will be glad to train you or just go diving.

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